Monday, October 24, 2011

Wild Weekend!

Well, did we ever have a weekend!

SATURDAY 10/22/2011

Thursday Dr. Sam did some cortisone injections and told me to stop the Prednisone drops, and I could probably stop the bute as well.

So, I follow the Dr's directions to the T. Of course!

All looked pretty good Friday. Saturday am there was some more drainage. By Saturday PM, the pink insides of his eyelids (top and bottom) were seriously swollen and a bright screaming pink color. They are usually a baby/light pink. So, we make an 8:30 pm phone call to the vet's office.
I talk to Dr. Sam who is surprised that the injection didn't last longer. Usually the injection takes the place of the drops no problem. We start him back on Bute, 2 grams, and I'm to call in the am with an update.
I was nice enough to verify if he wanted me to call at 5am when I do my first Alduca meds/eye check, or wait till my second one at 7. He for SURE opted for 7!!!

Sunday 10/23/2011

5am report - no better. Still swollen, still screaming pink!

7am report - no change, swollen, still hot pink!
Called Dr. Sam. Left a message and he called back.....

New plan of attack. Continue with the bute, and race to the office to get a new bottle of Prednisone and a tube of Bute from the techs that were there feeding/cleaning kennels. Take him in for a check-up when Dr. Sam gets in to the office later Sunday afternoon.
No problem!
Fly to Victoria for meds and fly home to administer them. I flew, of course, on my broom :)

First Pred application was at about 10am. By the 2nd one at around Noon on Sunday there was already some improvement.
Dr. Sam called a bit later to let me know he was at the clinic and I could bring him if I was ready.
I shared the news with Sam about the improvement. He said that was great, and we decided a trip into the vet wasn't needed at that time. He has a check-up scheduled for Thursday anyway.

By the final med dose on Sunday evening he was almost back to 'normal', almost.

Side -note. Adding the Prednisone back to the regimen meant that for 2 of his 4 doses he'd be getting .4mL of liquid in his eye. The 'max' dose for an eye to keep it effective is .3. So, we had to take his Atropine and make it it's own dose. So, Sunday, poor Alduca got 'attacked' with meds 6 times, instead of 4. Monday will be the same, as it is the last day of the 5 day Atropine administration.

Monday AM

Still some drainage, but looking better.
Alduca is still being a champ!
Even with the 6 doses instead of 4, he still whinnies cheerfully and comes right up to me in the pasture.
What a good boy!!

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