Monday, October 17, 2011

Magic string and stuff!

Ok people, last night's med sessions and this mornings went great!

Huh? Did I read that right?
I know that is what you are saying. How did this happen? What could have changed in less than 24 hours to make Duca the monster horse go from Satan's Spawn to Angelic Alduca?
A magic string.

Before you read any further, I don't want to hear anything about being mean to this horse. Pestering him for 30 mins to get 1/2 his meds in his eye is mean. Grabbing an ear would not be so kind, and would make him hate his ears being touched. A twitch? Yeah, you grab his nose and see if you can hang on while the Alduca elevator takes you to the top floor!

What I used is a lip rope. A simple piece of soft, white cotton rope. Similar to what you might have on your clothes line out back, and a metal snap.
Tie the rope to the snap and make a good knot. I also put a knot at the other end. I think the rope is about 4 feet long.
I snap the rope to the right side of his halter, and bring the tail around the other side and pull it through the brass buckle. The rope then slips inside his mouth and sets on his upper gum-line. Like a mouth chain, but much less severe. I'm not sure how it will work with every horse, but with Alduca, just a little pressure and he is putty in your hand.
Less than 5 minutes and the lip rope was on, his the meds were IN his eye, 100% of the meds, the lip rope was off and he had a whole bag of treats!
Simple!!! Easy. Less stress on the horse, and we in no way, shape, or form ABUSE the power of the lip rope.

I hope it works this easy tonight! If so, we are in business!!!

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