Friday, October 21, 2011

Survey Says?

It's a good sign when the vet looks happy, right? Unhappy vet, bad sign!

Dr. Sam said it looks much improved from when Alduca went home.
Sigh of relief!
He was actually very pleased with how his eye looked.
I explained that I'd been following his suggested medication schedule to the letter, and he seemed impressed by my dedication to his treatment.

Upon staining the eye, the ulcer was almost non existent. YAY!

His main concern? It looks like the eye has "shrunk" itself, so he added Atropine (sp) to his eye med arsenal to dilate the pupal and hopefully prevent any damage.
He also did some cortisone injections too!

The big white 'mass' that I was worried about?
Apparently it's a byproduct of the eye healing process. Strange, right? Dr. Sam said it would slough off when the eye didn't need it anymore. Cool beans!!! Learn something new every day!

Speaking of learning something new, I apparently taught Dr. Sam a new (old) trick.
Remember the 'stud chain rope' from a few posts back?? Dr. Sam was astounded by how well it worked with Alduca. He said he hadn't seen one used since the late 90's, that the long wooden stick with the rope on the end of it (twitch) had become the norm in Veterinary Medicine, and he totally forgot about the rope.
He was so impressed in fact, that he said he may start using one at the office.
Good job, Do-do! You did something good!

Oh, and he thought that me calling Alduca do-do was just hilarious!

So, we are continuing the eye meds for the next week. Atropine 2x a day for 5 days, other meds 4x a day until his recheck next Thursday.

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