Friday, October 28, 2011

Check up says.......

Dr. Sam still swears that Alduca will be able to see.
I'm oh so skepticle, but he is the Vet, not I!!

Wanna be freaked out?
The 'white stuff' i mentioned over his eye, it's still here. There was one section that looked like it was trying to come off, and had formed a little flap. So, Dr. Sam takes some tweezers, and a small pair of siscors and CUTS IT OFF HIS EYEBALL! Yes, CUTS 'on' his eyeball! Oh my gosh!
Alduca didn't seem to mind.
He had already deadened the nerves around the eye, and we had the 'rope chain' on..... He stood perfectly still, unles the horse in the outside pen got too far from his view, then he would turn a bit. But, other than that, stood like an angel.

New attack plan?
Oh yeah, a new one.

Continue with;
Chloramphenicol (might have the name wrong I will have to double check) .1mL 4x day
eye drops with hyaluronic acid .1mL 4x day

Prednisone to .1mL 3x day
Bute to 1gram 1x day for 3 days and see if he is ok going without after that

Atropine .1mL 2xday
anti-microbial 1 drop 1x day

So....that's the new game plan......

re-check in a week.
I told Dr. Sam that my weekly visits there are becoming a habit!

It's alright. Whatever makes Alduca all better is fine by me!

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