Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear....

But the blaze faced sorrel gelding from our neighbors next door!

Nope, no joke.

We have dogs. Inside dogs, and outside dogs. We have deer that come to visit, making the outside dogs bark, bark, bark with excitement. They love to warn us when the 'killer deer' are in the horse pasture.

They started their ruckus at 5am. I elbowed DH and asked him to see what all the fuss was about. They were barking with more enthusiasm than usual. This was a "hay idiots there is something out here" bark. Not just a "I'm barking at the deer to drive you crazy" bark.

DH and I both looked out the window.


I got up and let Tucker and Peetie out while he went to the back door for a look see.

"HORSE" he hollered.

"Ours?" I hollered back.

"Nope, neighbors" he replied.


We got dressed and proceeded to walk the little red critter back home.

DH held the critter while I proceeded to bang on the door.

I knocked. I huffed. I puffed. I was banging. I was pounding. Wood, glass, wood frame next to the door.
I even went around and tried the back door, which was 'plastic' with a metal frame. That thing made enough racket to wake the dead, I swear. But did the people inside wake up?
Heck no! I continued to bang.

I knocked with my knuckles. I knocked with my fist. I even smacked the door with an open palm. NADA!

I began to bang harder. I swear, I could have heard me knocking on my neighbors door from my bed inside my house. Did they wake? Heck no!

So, I put a little more elbow grease behind it and let it rip! I was smokin' now! Bang bang, bang bag, bangbangbangbangBANG!

What was that? Did I hear a bark from inside? I did! I started banging again! More barking!
"YES!!" I though, surely the barking dog will get someones attention.
And it did!

The little girl who owns the horse came to the door. Groggy eyed with wild hair going every direction she answered the door.
I explained that I was sorry to bother her but her horse got out and was at our back door.
She apologized many time and went inside to get a flashlight.
We walked the critter to his pen (keep in mind it's like pitch black out still) and found his pasture gate WIDE open.
Girlie insists it was closed and he must have figured out a way to open it.
Who am I to argue? I've been around horses long enough to know that if it is even remotely possible, it will happen if there is a horse involved.
We put the critter back in his pen and walked back home.

DH, back to bed.
Me? Not so much. It was 5:45 already and I had to be up in a few minutes anyway. If I went back to bed I'd still be sleeping right now instead of downing a Carmel Mocha Java Latte Caffeine Cup o' Joe and typing this mornings events.

I do hope that the rest of you had a more peaceful morning than I.

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  1. That was nice you took him back home. You're right, if there is a way, horses will find it. I remember the neighbor's young stud came racing thru here one day. He was a handful to take back home.