Thursday, September 17, 2009

Casper Update

M. Wells - chiro extraordinaire/DVM
Paid a visit to my MONSTER today.
Actually, Mary just called and talked to me for a few mins.

Casper had something wrong with his 'butt' (for lack of a better work cause he used the fancy technical terminology) that was keeping him from being able to reach forward and thru with the last part of his canter stride. Sorry, best way I can describe it. It keeps them from being able to pick up a lead and follow thru with the stride all way.
So, Mr. W is going to inject this area.
We are going to give him Today, Friday, and Saturday off.
Mary will ride him on Sunday....
and I will get to see him MONDAY NIGHT! I'm so excited about that!
Mary said Casper was trying to grab the phone from her while she was talking to me.
I said he just wants to talk to him Mom! :) I miss him!

1 comment:

  1. Monday night?! How does *that* work?

    Neato Nifty on the show outfit. Very cool!

    Super You for rescuing C and hauling her pony home. I'm sure she appreciates it. I bets her pony appreciates it more! :)