Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend in short, and Today

Weekend - Saturday was spent driving around the eastern 1/2 of Texas, I swear!
We started in Edna, and headed to Rosenberg. Took care of two of our clients (1/2 set with borium) and they then told us about a great sale on boots at the local Baskins.
Ended up spending WAY too much money there! But, got great boot deals! I was in need for sure, so was Robert. He was in need, badly! He about walked out of his boots!!!

Sunday - Slept in (till 9am!!) got up, cleaned house, went and picked up Harley and moved him to the pasture across the road. :) Spent afternoon studying, studying, studying for my PNC Insurance Exam tomorrow in Corpus.

So, if I'm quiet today and tomorrow...that's why! Study, Study, STUDY!!

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