Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mary Called, AGAIN

Marry called again. Said she gave him some banamine and with in 15 mins he was perky and looking for grub.
Weather here has changed dramatically in the last 24 hours and Is having a bad effect on my tummy too!!
So, she said she walked by his stall and he was laying down.
This is odd cause Cas NEVER lays down.
She hollered at him and he got up.
Eyes looked a little dull, and he confirmed tummy ache by looking back at his tummy after getting up.
So.....Banamine it was....
She said she walked him around a bit and he was sluggish...
After about 10 mins he was walking better, eyes perky, looking for treats.
Put him back in his stall...he was looking for hay and playing in his water bucket.
Tony walked through the aisle and gave pm snack hay and Cas was pissed because he didn't get any....poor boy!

So, it looks like he's feeling better. gassy tummy is better now too. Maybe we are having sympathy pains for each other....
Mary questioned my gassy tummy as pregnancy pains...I told her "I sure as hell hope not, I've got too much crap I wanna do" As in....SHOW CASPER!!! DUH!


  1. Pregnancy?! Oh My!! I won't laugh, really....

    *Duck & Run*!

    Glad Cas be feeling better.. Praying the same for you, dear.

  2. LOL....reminds me about our 'kid' conversation at Build a Bear!

  3. Fingers crossed for Cas (and YOU! LOL) Now being owned by a horse who has mystery tummy issues out of the blue now and again, I know how worrisome it can be!!

  4. Thanks MrsMom! Appreciate it. This is his (knock on wood) first and only upset tummy. I'd imagine with the weather and's not hard to see how or why he got an upset tummy.

  5. OH GOD! Just went through that with Jackson two weeks ago and it really freaked me out! And of course NOW Banamine is on my list of things I need to get! Thanks for the e-mail and all the awesome info., I haven't even had a chance to go to all those links but I will!! And I'm so NOT ready to show, but in the next year is my goal! At least a walk/trot in dressage and a trot pole or maybe foot and under class. Jacks is registered and I am a AA member so I suppose I could go to an Arabian show...not sure I want to narrow him into a breeding category tho', still have to think on that!