Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

It was nice to have ANOTHER day off! Office was closed! YAY!

Got up....relatively early considering this was one of my few chances to sleep in for crying out loud!

Fed our critters, and ran (drove) over to Jen's house. Got there JUST as farrier was pulling Romeo out of his stall. I said "wait, I think Jen wants him to go barefoot, lemme call her and you can talk to her". He said, ok! Called Jen, they chatted. Mr. Farrier happy we saved him some hammer time and seat cause it sure was hot out, even at 10am!
Fed J's critters, inside and out! Cleaned up FLOUR mess kitties left. I'm sure in protest of no love and affection over the weekend. Totally neglected! :)
Went to R's tutor to study for his TEST AT COLLEGE today!
I bailed about an hour after we got there. Took T's kiddo (11) and went to town!
Academy for Lunch boxes (for T and Kiddo), and a new big mug. I got a pair of PRETTY SHOES for ME and a flashlight for R for school. YAY!
Then.....Hobby LobbY! Ohhh what a dangerous place is the Fabric department at Hobby Lobby! Lots of pretty fabrics....yikes! Spent way to much anyway!!
Then...ran by Sonic for a snack.
Headed back to T's house......got back about 5pm to find R and T's brother T grinding sausage from the hogs R and R killed Friday night on their hunting expedition! I said...."that doesn't look like studying to me!"
Got inside, talked to T.....found out that R had taken practice test online and got an 80! YAY!
Ended up staying at T's house until about 10:45......eating, talking...hanging with friends! T and her daughter A are a total mess together! I laughed so hard my cheeks (on my face!) hurt! LOL!
Good time....but late, late night for early up and at'em in the am....yucky!!

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