Thursday, September 24, 2009


up at 6am!

Mary was also up, and we conversed over the coffee pot in mumbles and grumbles :)

Left at 6:30 in the middle of a torrential down pour! NO joke. It was raining ELEPHANTS and RHINOS, not puppies and kittens!

Directions and Coffee in hand, I head out.....

Made it to 35 N no problem! I'm on that road all the time at Mary's place!
Made it to exit 227, Slaughter Lane no problem....well marked...

Drove till I found a mom and pop (looked like an old shed) convenience store and asked directions. Apparently the road I passed about 10 miles back while still on Slaughter WAS MOPAC, but labeled LOOP 1! YIKES! got back to loop 1 (at least I was on the correct end of town, or so I thought!)
I drove to where SHOULD have been the address according to the map.....nadda! It was a BIG open field.
Got out paper work and called the AFO where I was supposed to be....explained where I was.
Was told "oh, you are on the wrong end of town!!"
Keep coming on Loop 1 till you get to Braker Braker say on feeder road through the light, we are on the right, can't miss us! I'll let Bob (guy giving class) know you are going to be late." CRAP! Wrong end?? Darn Google Directions!, I was told I had about 15 miles to go...not so bad, right? It was 8:10 when I talked to lady at the AFO. I figured for sure, even with traffic and weather, I'd be there by 9!
I drove 4 miles in one hour! Apparently when it rains during rush hour on Loop 1 traffic is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY slow.
Called AFO at 9....umm where is that road, I'm at X exit?
"Oh my, you are still on other side of town. Traffic must be terrible. I'll tell Bob"
9:15 I pulled into AFO parking lot.
Found BOB's Class.
about 15 mins after walks someone else. Nice to not be the only one late.

Class was fun! Learned lots! Bob is a mess! Very funny. Makes this BORING information as fun as possible. Doesn't make you feel stupid for wrong answers. Reminds me of a cartoon character but I can't put my finger on which one.

Headed back to Mary's at 4:30. Made 15-20 mile drive to where I got lost at in 30 mins! 30 mins! Took be an hour and a half plus that morning in traffic.
No work out for Cas. He got his teeth done today by Dr. Huffmann from Retama.
So, we dinked around with the other horses a bit. I ran two errands in town before I got back to Mary's. Cas' clip on his lead broke, so I got a new clip. Also, ran into Hobby Lobby in San Marcos to get some stuff for my niece's homecoming mums...there is another story in itself. TEXAS homecoming mums. Will post, with pics when they are done :)

Got to bed late - to be up early!

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