Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday PM in review

Seems soooo long ago!

Left office at lunch time, 12:30
Headed home to finish packing, eat a quick lunch and head to San Marcos
Left home about 3
Arrived San Marcos 5:30

Mary was happy to see me, not sure about Casper though!
Mary tacked up Cas and to the outdoor we went.....

Not sure what I expected. Dr. Wells did Chirio and injected left I was hoping for better.
Supplement doesn't seem to be doing trick. Cas is still really 'snap, crackle, pop' like a bowl full of rice crispies with milk just poured on them. Talk to Mary, I think we are going to cancel the joint supplement and go with monthly adaquane injections. About the same price, and SHOULD work much better :)

So.....Mary starts out with him on the lunge. I see a bit of a difference. He's pushing with his hind end, getting his legs nice and underneath him....driving.

Mary gets on.......after about 10 mins of bending and flexing he is pretty soft and supple in his neck....

a bit fast in his gaits to start.....then after about 30 mins Mary asks him to jog. and when I say job people, I mean J - O - G - S- L - O - W. His neck is LEVEL with his top line (big smiles there) he is collected, with a pleasant expression on his face, other than a 'are you gonna whack my mouth' look once in a while. It was sooo nice to see such progress. 4 or 5 weeks ago he was not that soft/supple/relaxed.
Mary and I even started talking about the SAN ANTONIO stock show for his 'under saddle debut'. :) WOW!

Finished up in the barn...headed to the to bed late....10:30 or so...
Up at 6am Tuesday to head to Class in Austin... YIPPEE!

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