Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friday 8/4/09

FrIdAy 8/4/09
Took the day off work so we could go do our weekend horses. Robert had a "Diaper Party" to go to. I knew (I'm a planning-oholic) that we would not have time to take care of all of our clients and for him to get to his party. He missed the last one (yes, two in a month) so, I didn't want him to miss out on this one too.

What the heck is a diaper party? I have never heard of this. My co-workers have never.....my best friend has never heard of it...... what the heck? Strange.
I am, admittedly a Yankee. We don't have Diaper Parties just for guys up there. We have a BABY SHOWER, either for the momma to be, or for the momma and daddy to be.
Almost feels like 'double dipping for gifts here'. What are your thoughts on that??

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