Thursday, September 17, 2009

Show Clothes Cometh!

Ok, I did it. I ordered a CUSTOM show outfit. jacket and pants.
I have looked around for OVER a YEAR and have NOT been able to find ANYTHING I can afford.....until now!
Check on Connie Colvin's THE WINNERS FIT prices look VERY reasonable, product looks great!
I should have outfit in about 4 weeks, just in time for my Halloween day show with Casper!
Connie's price are amazing. I can't stress that enough! The least expensive CUSTOM I have found any where else is $500.00 just for the jacket, a PLAIN one I might add. Lambskin and 'bling' would be extra! YIKES!
I will keep you posted on the process...I should be getting photos during the making of the jacket.

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