Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Catch-up part 2

Saturday 8/5/09
Met Jen at IHOP for a good morning breakfast.
Shared some stories....laughed about the ODD COUPLE/FAMILY next to us. Guy and his kid, and two women. Couldn't figure out if the women were a couple.....or if one of them was there trying to pick up the guy with the kid...it was strange! Lots of giggles.
Then, I spyed a very attractive guy sitting behind Jen. There were 3 half full plates of food on the table. ONE belonged to him...but the others?? He was looking around like he was waiting for the "one who went to the bathroom and never came back to the date". Poor guy. Felt bad for him. Way to cut to have been left! About 3 mins later.....woman and kiddo come back. Whew....that explains it!!

Went to Lori's and got a hair cut/highlights and low lights/and eyebrows done. Love it all! Anyone in the Victoria, Texas area looking for a new hairdresser....she's your lady!

Went and got groceries after hanging out with Connie a bit.
Went home....
Started to cook for Sunday. We were planning on having some people over for a BBQ!! FUN!!

R stayed out a little later than he should have at the Diaper Party and ended up sleeping on the couch....yeah.... Felt bad for Tucker...he bounced back and forth between the bedroom and the living room all night bless his heart.

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