Thursday, September 3, 2009

W - O - N - D - E - R - F - U - L = casper!

Phone rings at 7:28's trainer.
My heart starts to race as I hit grab it off my night stand.
Is he sick? Hurt? Colicing and needs to be taken to Retama? Broke something? All the bad things that could have happened to him are running through my head.

"Hello?" I say, my voice bit shaky
"Good morning," said Mary " I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth!"
"No," I replied "I know you are busy"
Hadn't talked to her since last week, thursday maybe....
"Well," she said "I just wanted to call and give you an update on your boy. He's wonderful. Absolutly wonderful. He's had some REALLY great rides since we last talked. He's getting that left lead every time."
"OHHH GOSH, that's great Mary! I'm so happy"
"Barry was watching last night, and he confirmed what I was feeling. He said he's elevating his shoulders some, which is a great start int the right direction."
YAY, that means he's lightening up on the forehand, and pushing from his butt....yay!
Conversation continued for a few, and we hung up.
Now, what a better way to start someone's day than by calling them and telling them her horse is WONDERFUL. I love it.
Thanks Mary, for making my day!
Called her back after I left home to remind her that my MOM is coming for a visit the end of October, and she's coming to watch me show Casper in something. Asked if she thought he'd be ready to at least do Halter and showmanship. She said yes, but said the Margarita Classic Paint Show is that same weekend, and that is where she will be. That's a bummer, but I can bathe, band, and show at least in halter classes solo! Thank goodness! :)

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  1. Where are you in Texas again? I would love to come and see you show! What do you ultimately want to do on Casper? Are you English or Western? With the eventing question I am hoping you say eventing as that is what I want to do with Jackson, but no matter either way. If you are close by I would love to see a show! Email me if you want ( or just leave me a post! With the recent colic scare I had, and your mention of Retama what did you mean? The track? A town? A vet? :) I need to be in the know now apparently! Never any issues with my boy in the 2+ yrs I've owned him and now the growth that I had removed, and a colic scare all within a month and a half! Let's hope that is it! I am glad your horse is coming along in his training! I wish I could afford to send J. to a trainer! I'm lucky just to afford having him AND a bi-weekly lesson tho'! And I am grateful for that, don't get me wrong! Just a lot longer to reach our goals I guess! :)